Brr, Its Cold In Here! There Must Be Some Tips For Me In This Atmosphere

There are a select few out there that enjoy running during the winter. I am kind of one of those people but not entirely. I have a horrible time getting motivated to go outside when the temperature is below 40 but I also perform much better when its colder as my body likes to overheat and sweat out an entire olympic size pool any time I do anything active. Yes, even if its below freezing, I will sweat.

For those of you that have trouble getting motivated to run during the winter, here are some tips and tricks I have compiled for you that work for me!

Accountability Buddies

This is kind of my tip for everything. Nothing gets you out of bed more than knowing that someone else is waiting for you to show up at a certain time and also…suffering along with you. This is especially helpful during the weekdays for me as getting up in the morning, when its colder and darker, is really hard to do by myself.

Figure Out Your Layers

This one you will have to play with and you will also have to figure out what your layers are for each degree range. What I wear in 30 degrees and cloudy is much different than what I wear in 30 degrees and sunny…and it can make all the difference in my comfort level.

The biggest thing is getting to know your own body and how it reacts to cold in relation to what you are doing. This will likely take a bit of trial and error. For me, if its 20 degrees out but I’m going to be climbing a mountain pretty intensley, I know that I dont want to have 2 layers of jackets on. But I also have a lot of fine lines. I frequently I’m not quite sure if I should be wearing shorts or leggings. The more you go outside and test out whats comfortable for you, the less daunting it will be. You’ll definitely makes some mistakes along the way but try to just come as prepared as possible with a pack that will carry an extra layer to bring with or to carry an extra layer back out.

This is what I call a “full bodysuit” kind of day

My Go To’s 4 Cold Weather

Lighning Pro LS Hoodie W

Agile LS Hoodie W

Lightning Race WP JKT W

Discovery Cozy Pant W

Mantra Tech Leg W

Bring Dry Clothes

If you are not going to be going immediately home, or even if you are, the biggest favor you can do for yourself is to bring dry clothes to change into after you are done with your run. As soon as the sweat starts to cool, the shivering will start and the longer you sit in those wet clothes, the more chance you have of not warming up for the rest of the day. Nothing is less motivating to get back outside again after you’ve spent the day prior in a seemingly hypothermic state.

I always bring a new bra, shirt, pants and warm jacket and have mastered the art of changing in my car without flashing the world.

Take Pictures!!

I am almost always reluctant to get out of bed in the morning but once I am out there and see how beautiful and different it looks frosty and snowy, I never regret it! Its a great way to experience the same old trails you always do in a different light. Take pictures, breathe it all in and remember why you choose to be outside!

Do I have something in my hair?

Know Your Trails!

Keep a mental list of the good trails to run when its icy, snowy and cold. I definitely have a few that I typically try to avoid if its icy because that is my least favorite thing to run on. Even with micro-spikes it can be a nightmare and end up turning what could have been a great run into a nice slow hike. In Colorado, there are definitely lots of great places that have exposure to the sun that dry out pretty quickly that are my go to’s.

Doudy Draw

Marshall Mesa


Coalton Trailhead

Shanahan Ridge

One thing I always have to take into consideration because of our crazy weekly temperature changes in Colorado is the closing of trails due to mud from when it snows and then melts too quickly. I use the following link (for Boulder) to check the trail I want to run to see if its open. Its live and updates immediately with any closures.

Stay Hydrated!

This isn’t really a tip to get you out there but just a reminder that even though its cold out and we don’t feel thirsty as often, we still need to be intaking water while running! It’s very common to get dehydrated in the winter because we naturally want to drink less in the cooler temperatures.

Read this article from Tailwind for more info

Hope this helps you get your feet out the door this winter, cause that’s really the hardest part right there! Stay warm friends!


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