Meet Michele Dillon


Michele first started running in 2014 when she decided to train for a road marathon after never having ran more than a 5k. She was inspired by witnessing her friend finish an Iron Man. While she knew that she would never want to swim, bike AND THEN run, she figured she could run 26.2 miles if she set her mind to it. So that’s what she did, and it was hard. So hard she swore she would never do it again. But of course she did. It wasn’t until she discovered trail running a few years later that she truly found her passion. Since then, she has set her heart to running trail ultras, climbing 14ers and exploring basically anywhere she can with her own two feet.  Michele has found inspiration through many others throughout her life and has met most of her current trail friends through Instagram where she goes by the moniker MissShellShock (this came from when she did Roller Derby very poorly back in the day). Although she considers herself an amateur runner, she sets challenging goals for herself and believes that most things she previously would have thought impossible are actually possible with dedication, hard work and most importantly, FUN!

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